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New Breaking Bad Spin-off Announced (SPOILERS)

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 09/12/2013

The season finale of Breaking Bad is nearly upon us, but fans of Vince Gilligan’s finely crafted world of deception and intrigue need not worry as it will live on in a new spin off series recently green lit by AMC.

The spinoff, presently called “Cleaning Up”, will focus on one of Breaking Bad’s most beloved characters: Jesse’s Roomba.

Vince Gilligan has only hinted about what fans can expect but it sounds exciting. In a recent interview he had the following to say about what fans can look forward to from the series.

“Maybe the cleanup after the murder of Gus Fring required more than human hands”

“Hank always did like to keep a dust free household”

“What just tripped up Walt Jr?”

“Sometimes even Nazi uncles have allergies”


The new series begins next fall on AMC.