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Guardian Chess: Lagging the Queen

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 10/18/2011

So to look at this play in the cold light of day, you might think the safe white pawn is due for a classic “Angolan” Knight over at B3. But Black’s Double rooks on the A-Train are filed twice over daily and so untouchable with anything but the irredeemable White Queen put to bed over at A7. If the second white pawn gets bolstered twice on the same quarter, the rooks’ “Half Nelson” is skewed toward the “racist” Bishop. The King is a “Sceptical Hooker” for the Rook and can be flipped without employing the third A-pawn. I’ve seen this play twice in my life. Both times the black Queen clenched for triple play. A truly amazing piece of manoeuvring.