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Too Much Culture’s Annual Picks of the Fringe

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/22/2011

Its that time again, Too Much Culture takes a look at the hot shows to see at the Edinburgh Festival. Book now to avoid disappointment…

The “Cheers” Drinking Experience

Sometimes you want to drink where everybody knows your name, and now you can do just that thanks to the “Cheers” dining experience. Chat with Norm, hear Sam’s sports stories. The creator of the interactive experience which also brought us the Britass Empire Squash Experience said: “We haven’t asked anyone if we can do this… But that’s okay isn’t it? Isn’t it? Nah, it’ll be fine.”

The Headliners

The headliner return to the Fringe for their twentieth record breaking year. This year their poster features famous politicians’ faces photo-shopped onto the poster of “The Human Centipede: 2”

Bare All Improv!

You won’t miss this group of bright young things. They’re daring poster features all the performers nude. But when you get there all the performers are all fully clothed. Returning for a third year of “anything can happen” fun Bare All Improv is a must see for fans of wacky comedy and extremely misleading visual metaphors.

Drinky Quizzy Fun

Seven of the best stand ups at the Edinburgh Festival, late night and plenty of booze playing a quiz. The intention of this night is to be a raucous hour of silliness and unprofessionalism. That said if any commissioners do want to make it into a TV Show, that would be great.


A fusion of ballet, street dance and modern dance, Agrophilliacation promises to be an experience as unique as a dance show can be.

Kenneth Henry’s One man Character Cavalcade

More ingenious characters from the star of that thing… Y’know, the one that used to be on BBC 2… No not that. He was on it with the other bloke, no not him, but the man who looks like him…  He also did that thing on the Radio? No? One of his characters has a Welsh accent, anyway.

The Disturbing Bagpipers

The Disturbing bag Pipers will be performing throughout the Fringe. They can be heard playing directly outside a venue in which you are trying to enjoy a show. The Disturbing Bagpipers can also be found blocking your path to a venue when you are on a strict timetable and right next to you when you’re trying to f***ing eat.

Puppetry of the Penis


So get booking, and Too Much Culture will see you at the festival.