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The Best New TV Drama

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 02/06/2011

With Sky Atlantic bringing a raft of fresh new drama, Too Much Culture takes a look at some of the best new shows currently showing, or coming to a screen near you…

Boardwalk Empire

This prohibition drama had one of the most expensive pilots of all time. No expense was spared immersing the viewer  in the feelings and fears of 20’s prohibition Atlantic City, in fact its difficult to watch Boarwalk Empire without feeling depressed and wanting a drink.

Mad Dogs

Another big budget drama winging its way to your screens is Mad Dogs.  Max Beesley reprises his role from Jobsite adverts as a gruff northerner who bellows at unemployed people. Meanwhile Phillip Glenister and John Simm reunite or the first time since Simm visited the set of “Ashes to Ashes” laughing and shaking his head. Meanwhile Marc Warren resurrects his role of the jammiest actor on television.

The Borgias

A drama about the Spanish family, The Borgias. The production follows a long line of similar dramas such as “The Tudors” and “The Kardashians.”


This moving drama is set in a deprived areas of New Orleans in the aftermath of  Hurricane Katrina. The series charts the lives of Katrina survivors as they fight to make a living. John Goodman was perfectly cast as schoolteacher Creighton Bernett, a character based on a real life New Orleans resident who survived the hurricane by eating everything.

Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck stars as Francis “Frank” Reagan whose three children work for the NYPD. Supporting characters include Daniel “Danny” Reagan, Jamison “Jamie” Reagan and Erin “Fully formed character” Boyle Reagan. Tom Selleck is due to star in another drama this autumn; he will play an android Private Investigator in Sky Atlantic’s “Magnum 3.141592653589793238462643383”


The first ever horse racing drama in the history of U.S television. Dustin Hoffman stars as John McCririck a man conflicted between wanting to be on television and having fundamental personality disorders. The series will air in the autumn. The groundbreaking series opener will show Hoffman appearing on Loose Woman and saying something a bit off colour.


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