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The 10 Best Dramas on US TV

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 10/10/2010

US television drama has never been more popular, Too Much Culture takes a look at 10 of the best dramas on US television at the moment.


The misanthropic medic continues to wow audiences even in his sixth season. Hugh Laurie is now the second richest television actor in America. Not because of House, but because he once stole a mansion from the set of Jeeves and Wooster.

True Blood

This sultry, scary drama isn’t afraid to make vampires sexy, completely unlike Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Twilight, Underworld, The Vampire Diaries  or the Bram Stoker original.


The thrilling show which tells the chilling story of what happens when a little boy leaves his laboratory and moves to Miami.

Mad Men

Now in its fourth season Mad Men has gone from strength to strength. The show owes a great deal of success to its groundbreaking identification that things were done differently in the past. The series is also praised for having an incredible cast, including the brooding Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks, who has proved that a woman can be attractive, even if she has big breasts and a beautiful face.


The gripping tale of seven strangers and their impossible mission to put on a play in Edinburgh and turn a profit. The episode where the protagonist finally receives a tech-spec from the Gilded balloon remains the highest rated episode of any drama in American history.


To quote US social commentator Herb Longford: “What? No I haven’t… Is that the one with the two guys? No I haven’t seen it.”

Desperate Housewives

Fans of Sex and the City will love Desperate Housewives, because they are the same.

Jersey Shore

This unbelievable US drama remains one of the most shocking pieces of television America has ever seen.  English actress Helena Hartswood-Grange recently won an Emmy for her portrayal of Sammi Giancola.

In Treatment

Split into five days, each ‘client’ treated by Paul has their own specific troubles. Monday’s Laura is deeply troubled, while Tuesday’s Alex is experiencing great trouble. Sophie is a troubled teenager while Amy and Jake are a couple in trouble.


American audiences are eagerly awaiting season 7 of Lost which will once and for all answer all of the questions posed by Season 6’s confusing finale. This season is definitely happening… definitely.


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