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So Who Does What on a Film Set?

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 09/26/2010

As anybody who has watched to the end of a film’s credits will know, a film takes hundreds or thousands of people to put together. But what do all the different people do on a film set, here is our potted guide…

The First AD.: The head of the first aid team. The ‘I’ is removed from ‘Aid’ because there is no ‘I’ in team.

Focus Puller: Put simply this is the person on a film set who demands the most attention. This will often be the lead actor or actress, or the member of the crew celebrating their birthday that day.

Continuity: Announces what scene will be filmed next, usually with a pithy link: “That scene was great, but stick around there’s more great scenes coming up next.”

Script Supervisor: Stops Danny O’Donoghue from acting up while on set, which he does do. A lot.

Props Master: On-set teacher in charge of distributing units of respect.

Wardrobe: Every film set must have a resident wardrobe on which to store old board-games and shoe boxes if they start cluttering the studio floor. A wardrobe may also provide storage for coats, shoes and old luggage you don’t want to throw away.

Best Boy: Ironic post given to the member of the crew who has committed the most crimes.

Best Boy (Electrical): The android used to keep the recidivist in check.

Key Grip: Technician used by Jerry Anderson who makes it look like the Thunderbirds are able to open doors.

Boom Operator: Head of pyrotechnics, otherwise known as the Bang Boss. Sets up stunts involving explosions or extreme economic prosperity.

Electrician and Gaffer: Someone who carries a lot of wires on set, and the kind of tape used to secure the wires to the ground. Despite being inanimate, the roll of tape is the highest ranking thing on set ad must be given its own chair.

King: Every film set must have a king. Although now a largely ceremonial role the king used to rule the film set, lead the film set into battle against other film sets, and in the event of his death be replaced by his oldest heir. The most feared king was probably King Nebuchadnezzar of In Her Shoes.

D.O.P: Craft Services can add a pinch of excitement to any meal with a Dash of Paprika, this is then served to the Director of Photography.


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