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The Best Sketches of All Time

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 08/28/2010

Its two days after the annual student sketch off, which sees the Durham Revue, the Oxford Revue and the Leeds Tealights battle it out to see who has the best comedy sketch. But what is the Nation’s favourite comedy sketch, Too Much Culture takes a look at some classics:

Hardware Sketch: The Two Ronnies

Who can forget the first time they saw Ronnie Corbett walk into a hardware shop and ask for some Ball-Lock Clamps. The sight of Ronnie writhing in agony is classic, the sketch was originally part of a set of three which culminated in Corbett going to the Poultry Verification Board and asking them to stamp his cock.

Going for an English: Goodness Gracious Me

A great sketch, an absolute classic, but who can forget the sketch by the 2006 Durham Revue: “Going for an Indian.” Where some drunk English diners abuse an Indian waiter, subverting the original perfectly.

Class: The Frost Report

We all remember the lines for this classic sketch:

John Cleese: “I am upper class”

Ronnie Barker: “I am middle class.”

David Mitchell: “and I’m a PC.”

John Cleese: “I look down on him.”

Ronnie Barker: “I look up to him, but down on him”

David Mitchell:  “I am more prone to viruses.”

Tarzan Audition: Pete and Dud

Amazingly Peter Cook wrote this sketch when he was just 19, a great sketch based on a very simple premise, a man audition to be Tarzan who doesn’t have any strong opinions about his anatomy. As the punch-line goes: “I’ve got nothing against your left leg, the problem is neither have you.”

The Spanish Inquisition: Monty Python

This sketch is certainly a must have on this list, even though it is an almost line for line copy of John Hannah’s famous Sliding Doors speech. It’s a shame the Python boys went on to such success while Hannah’s work remains unheralded.

Kitchen: Morecombe and Wise

The incredible sight of Eric Morecombe and Ernie Wise making breakfast to the soundtrack of Motorhead’s The Ace of Spades was Eric Morecombe’s last performance as he collapsed and died seconds after.

Michael Jackson: Bo’ Selecta

Something about masks or something…

Old lady: Little Britain

We all know about David Walliams’ Anne character, who is obsessed with her own faecal matter, his old lady character who can’t help vomiting, and his old lady who can’t help peeing herself, but less well known is his character which combines all three. The sketch was only transmitted once and was described by The Evening Standard as “deeply upsetting.”

Shouty rich man: Harry Enfield

The creation of Enfield’s shouty rich man defined a decade with “Loads a Money” and defined a decade with “I am considerably richer than yaw.” Unfortunately his characters ended up being adopted by the very people he was trying to satirise, shouty rich people such as yuppies and Harry Enfield.


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