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The Best of YouTube

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 08/05/2010

Too Much Culture is up at the fringe, and with so many shows vying for your attention marketing is crucial, many shows are turning to Youtube to promote their shows. Here are some of the YouTube’s greatest hits for your enjoyment.

Charlie Bit Me

The adorable clip which shows a young child showing affection to his baby brother who bites his finger. The clip is a YouTube sensation, it’s just a shame it turned out to be a cynical viral marketing campaign to sell infant finger protectors.

Girl In Her Underwear Playing Wii-Fit

Another astonishing video, clocking millions of hits. The clip shows a man secretly filming his semi-clothed girlfriend playing on her Wii-Fit. YouTube user D-BAX’87 summarises the phenomena of the clip perfectly in his comment: “GrL Thnkz She B SlamZ bt n8 2 SoOn.” (sic)

Star Wars Kid

This video appears to show Jurassic Park’s Wayne Knight having a fight with a broom handle. It is unclear who eventually wins the dual, but one thing is clear, Wayne defends himself with honour and comes away from the clip with his dignity intact.

Crying Man under sheet

A desperately upset, androgynous YouTube user makes an impassioned plea to end the hostility and  towards a cultural and administrative region of North West France. The chap may be hysterical, but he makes a very good point.

Chinese Prison Thriller

Some of China’s most dangerous and disturbed criminals recreate the video for Thriller with a stunningly choreographed dance routine. The video is note worthy as it shows for the first time ever, a paedophile dancing to Thriller.

The Evolution of Dance

One man charts the development of western dances, from irritating hip swinging to obnoxious grand standing, in just three minutes.

Reaction to “that video”

YouTube users gag, gaps and gawp at the disturbing and horrendous images of Chevy Chase dancing with Paul Simon in a pastel grey studio.

Laughing Baby

A video of a baby enjoying a quick giggle, the clip begins just after the baby has been told the punch-line to a joke: “…and then he zipped it up.”


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