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Top 10 TV Detectives

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 07/30/2010

Sherlock has been a huge success in the UK, updating the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for the modern age, so what better time to take a look at the top 10 best TV detectives.

1) Monk

Tony Shalhoub’s obsessive compulsive detective is always a joy to watch and Shalhoub is excellent as the clean freak Adrian. Highlights include Monk on the trail of the muddy thief who stole three tonnes of sawdust and oil from a factory where they make glue.

2) Columbo

With his trademark technique of leaving a room and instantly re-entering it, Columbo caught over fifty master criminals slagging him off behind his back. Columbo eventually quit the force to pursue his other passion of reading fairy stories to Fred Savage.

3) Kojak

The true tragedy of Kojak was that, while he solved every case he was presented with, he was never able to solve the problem, which plagued him his whole career, the mystery admirer of a young infant.

4) Jonathon Creek

Alan Davies plays the man able to unpick any riddle. David Renwick’s amazing mind provided some of the best head scratching brain teasers ever seen on British TV. Amongst the myriad classics, the impossible case of a stabbed corpse  found at the bottom of a well,  but how could anybody have stabbed him, there was nobody else down the well!? Jonathon later concludes the body must have been stabbed, THEN thrown down the well. Genius.

5) Martin Crane

We all remember The Crane Files from the early eighties, but what is less well known is the spin-off series which sees a post retirement Crane forced to live with his posh son, this series placed less emphasis on Crane’s flannel shirted DI and more emphasis on his son trying to impress the head of the wine club and keep two dates apart despite them being at the opera at the same time.

6) Vic Mackey

The Shield’s no nonsense tough guy would use any tactic to get answers, on one notable occasion he rammed a suspect’s head through a wall in order to find out who it was who had been destroying walls in the local area, what a maverick.

7) Sherlock

The new modern take of Sherlock Holmes modernises the traditional character for the modern age and makes it modern. Holmes texts, uses the internet and can frequently be heard exclaiming his catchphrases: “Come on Watson, the game is Skins and Myspace.” And “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be Katy Perry.”

8 ) DCI Gene Hunt

The David Bowie based crime buster is anything but PC. Look out for Hunt’s next appearance on TV, set during Bowie’s Labyrinth period. Gene will patrol the magical realm of Jareth, investigating a race hate attack on Ludo and a bomb plot to destroy that worm thing from the start of the film.

9) Jack Frost

The heroic detective frequently exchanged cross words with the super intendment, but it was his fiery exchange with the woman who plays Miranda in Sex and the City that saw Jason move to the big screen in a cracking film written by Peter Morgan.

10) Jessica Fletcher

The crime writer frequently investigated killers happy to murder for money or revenge, but who were always reluctant to ice an old lady to get away with it. It was this same breed of criminal, who kept Miss Marple in business for so many years.


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