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Some of the Best Cancelled TV Shows

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 07/07/2010

So Damages has been cancelled, the Machiavellian adventures of Patty Hewes have come to an end, but sadly Damages isn’t the only show to fall foul of the commissioner’s knife. Too Much Culture presents some of the best cancelled shows which are sadly missed.

Dot Comedy (U.S)

Dot Comedy was cancelled after one series. The show, which featured humorous clips from the Internet, suffered from terrible viewing figures. The show itself was cursed from the beginning, being scheduled against the internet, a free thing which contains millions of humorous clips and can be watched at any time.


Another cursed show, Joss Whedon’s Firefly suffered the indignity of having its pilot re-filmed and the series transmitted in the wrong order. Fox ordered a brand new pilot which placed less focus on Mal Reynolds and his crew, and more focus on Keifer Sutherland foiling a terrorist plot in a strict amount of time.


Joss Whedon’s LA based vampire show was cancelled after David Boreanez left the show in disgust that he had actually been playing a Vampire the whole time. “I thought I was just playing a cool guy in a leather jacket, not some pointy nosed Sesame Street f*ck” he later told LA Weekly.


Joss Wheedon’s sci-fi thriller was cancelled after three series. Joss Whedon now spends most of his time surrounded by finale scripts for his cancelled shows acting them out with action figures and crying.


A rarity in TV world, but despite poor viewing figures, Futurama was resurrected. Much to the delight of its many fans who rushed to watch it on illegal download sites.

Family Guy

Another resurrected show. Amazingly Family Guy has been cancelled and brought back seventeen times. It was once cancelled during the set up to one of its famous cutaways. Viewers had to wait eighteen months to find out why Louis wanting to take night classes was like the time Peter went fly fishing with Carl Rove.

The Hills

This series of the reality show will be its last. As the show follows the real life exploits of rich Californians, once the show is cancelled all its participants will have to cease living their current lives and spend the rest of their days in a German forest.

Ugly Betty

The last minute cancellation of Ugly Betty was a real shock, as you can see from the last episode, two thirds of which is Betty Suarez desperately trying to organise a charity fund raiser, followed by a stock footage explosion and ten minutes of a camera panning meaningfully around an empty office.


After the exit of Zach Braff et al, it was always going to be tough to continue the series, resting the whole show on the shoulders of Snoop Dog Intern was surely a bad move. The last episode will see Dr John Dorian returning one last time to Sacred Heart and shaking his head in disbelief that anybody ever found him charming.


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