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A Breakdown of the new Harry Potter trailer.

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/29/2010

You’ve waited patiently and finally, here it is. The trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but what does the trailer actually reveal about the films? Lets find out.

0:05: The certificate saying the trailer is suitable for audiences. So far this trailer is extremely pedestrian.

0:10: Warner Borthers, but this isn’t a cartoon, oh no.

0:22: “No sign of him my lord” Voldermort’s helper hasn’t seen Harry Potter.

0:33: But there he is, putting pay to the rumours Harry would not appear in the final instalments.

0:45: “Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived” this was going to be the title for the films but producers felt it lacked a certain spark.

0:57: Cameo from Helena Bonham-Carter…

0:58: … Quentin Crisps…

0:59: … Wallace and Gromit, an all star cast.

1:04: They’ve spelt “final” wrong.

1:07: Ah, a glimpse of the famous Centre Parks on fire scene.

1:09: And the obligatory reference to Stand By Me.

1:19: As stipulated in his contract for Dragon Heart, Sean Connery provides the voice for every single dragon portrayed in cinema. I expect this dragon is about to dispatch a double-o-seven style zinger… “Hope you don’t mind me dropping in” “You’re fired” “That roof is a one, on a scale of one to ten.”

1:26: It took CGI whizzes three months to recreate Charlie Drake for this chase scene.

1:28: The groundskeeper with his famous budgie of fire, fans of the books will notice this straight away.

1:30: In one of the most expensive cinematic crossovers of all time, half way through the film Harry visits Bella and Edward, and all three of them go to Percy Jackson’s birthday party.

1:44: The first cinematic depiction of Gloucester Cheese Rolling.

1:50: Massive snake…

1:52: The film will be split into two parts, separated by an advert break which will last one whole year, and will comprise only of Go Compare adverts.

1:57: Alan Rickman reprising his role of Harry from Love Actually, in this scene he is about to be battered to death by a Joni Mitchell CD.

2:02: Peter Venkman and Raymond Stantz ignore their own advice and cross the streams on a trip to Rochester Castle.

2:09: Just like Quentin Tarantino always has a scene filmed in a car boot, David Yates has made it his trademark to film a giant floating P. In State of Play the P was digitally replaced by Bill Nighy.

2:18: That’s right, a huge surprise, but the new Harry potter film will charge only Thruppence for an adult ticket. I know I’ll be going.


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  1. World Wide News Flash said, on 06/29/2010 at 2:14 pm

    A Breakdown of the new Harry Potter trailer….

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