Too Much Culture

Too Much Culture Quick Crossword

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/25/2010

1)   No lunch yet for bulbous Samaritan. (6,7)

2)   Enormous Rochester glans? (10,1)

3)   Hindenburg stratosphere will not be invited back. (7)

4)   When cornered, blame Alex Zane. (3,4)

5)   Ouch, no that just makes it worse, leave it. (5)

6)   Cat doesn’t have your tongue, but Tennessee Williams might. (7,2)

7)   Frisky Malaprop unaware of the imminent gas. (7,3)

8 )  You put rubbish in a… (3)

9)   There is shit all to do in Piza once you’ve seen the leaning tower. (3,3,2)

10)  The fifth mermaid is one too many. (9,3)

11)  Androgynous waiter makes first date uneasy? (2,6)

12)  Ritual humiliation is a must for Captain Mainwaring’s daughter (4)

13)  Just don’t text back, you don’t need that right now. (7)


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