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Puppets Puppets Puppets

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/22/2010

They made us laugh as children, they gave as wonderful memories and their governments are terrible, basically we all love puppets and here is a run down of some of televisions greatest puppets. Prepare to get nostalgic.

Pob: Pob was a mischievous puppet from the 1980’s.  His style and look were based creator Duncan Richard’s son Rob. Rob was cursed with a swollen tongue, enormous ears, an emaciated body and bulbous eyes meaning he survived little after his eighth birthday, but he lives on in Pob, who in this clip covers a bear in shaving foam contained in a colonic funnel.

Parker: The hang dog chauffer was an extremely popular member of the International rescue team, although he is probably best known to modern audiences as the sinister anti-hero of an advertising campaign warning against the use of illegal minicabs.

Bungle, George and Zippy: The Multicoloured product of one of the weirdest flat-mate searches Gumtree has ever seen.

Oscar The Grouch: The bin dwelling misery has been played by the same puppet since 1968, although thanks to Jim Henson’s insistence that the trash-can be real, nine of Oscar’s puppeteers have died from Weil’s Disease. The current puppeteer Karl Rogen is awaiting some results after being jabbed by a mystery needle.

Beaker: The hapless accomplice to Professor Bunsen had twenty five happy years with the Muppets before moving to the UK to work as a character actor under the name Leo Bill.

The Sexy Dolmio Puppet: With his permanently raised eyebrow and alluring swagger, the sexy Dolmio Puppet would be a huge hit with ladies, were his face not constantly covered in sauces his mother insists on cooking, despite the fact he clearly can’t digest them.

Kira, the Gelfling from the Dark Crystal: In 1989 ranked Number 23 in Maxim’s “Top 100 Inanimate Objects I’d Bang.”

Verne Troyer: Yep.

The Puppet From Saw: The horrific tale of an embittered puppeteer who turns to murder after Nickelodeon fail to re-comission his series: “Gothic Keith’s Tricycle Playtime.”

ALF: AKA Gordon Schumway, this wisecracking half-pig-half-monkey-alien was the hit of the eighties. But 2010 sees a brand new movie of the classic series featuring Natasha Henstridge as a sexy ALF and Vin Diesel as the long suffering Willie Tanner. As ALF himself would say: “If you can’t stand the heat, go fuck yourself in an ice-box. Now take me to your leader D-Bags!”


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