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Top Ten Fonts of All Time!

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/21/2010

In the Guardian today Patrick Kingsley defends the Comic Sans font against its harshest critics. But all too often fonts go unnoticed, as such please find this celebration of the lesser known fonts…

1) Wingdings

Famously if you type “911” using the Wingdings font it apparently depicts a plane flying into the twin towers. This fact has been fuel for conspiracy theorists for years, but you might also be intrigued to know if you type “December 25th” into Wingdings it depicts Jesus and Santa boxing.

2) Zany Depressed Bold

The wacky font used outside all pound shops usually accompanied by a “mad” looking man with pound signs in his eyes. Designed to appear entertaining with a palpable undercurrent of extreme misery.

3) Screenwrite-Douche

Used by screenwriters who, for some reason want to cling to the idea they type everything on typewriters, I mean who are they kidding? What, they type every script individually on an old typewriter? This isn’t 1950, idiot.

4) Lucida Cramp

Similar to the classic Lucida handwriting font, but Lucida is three hours into a four-hour essay based exam and her hand is really hurting. Also popular is Lucida Drops, a font, which recreates Lucida’s handwriting if she was writing to a lost love and can’t control her tears.

5) Playbill

The font used by cowboys on posters in the late 19th Century.  Put a picture of a co-worker on a piece of paper and type “Wanted” in Playbill underneath it, everyone will think you’re brilliant.

6) Times Old Roman

Times New Roman, but really big.

7) Stencil

Perfect for when you want a sign of label to look like the side of a crate, can be used for suchthings  as… No idea.

8 ) Invictus Bold

Morgan Freeman’s face twisted into the shape of letters, a truly terrifying font, but the question mark looks good.

9) Chinese But-Not

English lettering in the style of Chinese script, this semi-racist font is a favourite of most Chinese Restaurants and subtitles for Chinese films, the font equivalent of doing that thing with your eyes.

10) Thoma

Solid font, carry on Thoma, you’re doing fine.


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