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The Ultimate Comic-Con Preview!

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/14/2010

Comic con is just around the corner, the time of the year when geeks save up their pocket money to drool over some of the coolest things in the world of comics. So what do we hope will be turning up in this years event?

X-Men, First Class,

After the success of Wolverine: Origins fans are desperately hoping to see a clip of the prequel movie, where professor Xavier founds the academy from money he made selling shares in Royal Mail. There may also be talk of the Magneto / Iron Man movie where Iron Man moves in with Magneto, and Magneto spends the first two months doing the “Stop hitting yourself” joke.

Spiderman Reboot

Forget about the Spiderman reboot, real fans are now looking forward to the rebooted reboot, this fresh start for the series is expected to star Jack McBrayer as Spidey himself, before being replaced by Jim Parsons half way through the film. Before the inevitable third act reboot.

Stan Lee,

Stan Lee will be appearing, or “cameoing” at this years event, expect an over the top and quite distracting turn from the comic book maestro, which we hope on’t completely ruin the whole convention.


That’s right Ryan Reynold’s himself will be appearing at one of the Comic Con stages, answering questions about the upcoming Deadpool spinoff film. He will also be appearing at a separate, larger Q & A stage answering questions about what its like to “do” Scarlett Johansson. Benicio Del Toro is also expected to attend.

The Avengers,

Fans might be treated to a clip from the upcoming Avengers film, the clip is expected to show Iron Man teaming up with the Hulk to help Captain America who is fighting The Silver Surfer aided by ALF.


Sheila Hancock will be interviewed about the acting career of her late husband.

The Alien Prequels,

Ridley Scott will be dishing the dirt about his new Alien films, both the Alien prequel and Scott Pilgrim Vs Alien, including a clip of Michael Cera’s skin being burned off by Alien blood. Can’t Wait.

More info on Comic Con coming up soon, including the best places to buy condoms… No, but seriously, more details coming soon.


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