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What To Expect In The Third Batman Film…

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/11/2010

Since Christopher Nolan announced he would once again step behind the camera to direct the next Batman film, rumours have been flying around about plot and casting. Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt play The Riddler, will Johnny Depp replace Heath Ledger as the joker? We take a look over some of the information floating around and try to decipher what we can expect from Batman 3.


No official title has been announced, but the trade presses are floating the following options of what the third film could be called: Gotham; The Dark Knight 2 – Darker Knight; Bat 4.0; Battman (Sic); The Pen-Guin is Mightier Than The Sword (Batman); There Will Be Bat; Another Outing For the Black Flying Warrior; Batman Forever Again; Alfred Takes Care of Business; Batman 3 – The Squeakquel;


Details are still sketchy but it would appear that this film might see Batman fight some kind of villain. It is highly possible that this fight might include some special martial art, or, if some tabloids are to be believed, high-tech weaponry. This means the third film may have some scenes which could be considered violent. They may also be a moral dilemma and some kind of tension and as third act which is of a higher pace than the previous two acts.

Since “Batman Begins” people have been wondering what comic books will be used. Front runner at the moment seems to be Alan Moore’s grim graphic novel “Bruce Wayne Gets Drubbed in an Alley.” A murky story in which a non costumed Bruce Wayne gets beaten up for seventy five pages. According to Moore it is a novel about “The vulnerability of Bruce without his suit, like we are all vulnerable.” Moore has registered his disgust at the idea that the novel would be cinematised: “I don’t see why my work needs to be made into a film, although when my name comes up on the big screen it totally gets me off.”

Could Morgan Freeman’s character get more of a role in the next film? If Christopher Nolan’s brother is to be believed, a subplot involving Freeman and Michael Caine’s Alfred, sees the two attempting to complete their “Bucket List” with such activities as base jumping from Gotham’s tallest building, Scuba Diving in the Gotham River and having sex with Harley Quinn.


Could the third film be the first Christopher Nolan film to feature Catwoman? It looks possible that Kate Beckinsale is primed to take the role, in a performance based on the Hale Berry’s interpretation, which was based on the Michelle Pfeiffer’s interpretation, which was based on Eartha Kitt’s Interpretation.

It may even be possible that Christopher Nolan opts for a crossover from other fictional universes. This could see Batman fighting Spiderman’s alter-ego Venom, The X-Mens’ nemesis Magneto, or Kevin Bacon’s paedophile character from The Woodsman.

Not to give too much away, but the closing scene of The Dark Knight offers some clues as to who may make a reappearance: GORDON: “What’s this? A package for me? But what can this mean? Its just full of Ivy, and a big block of ice, and what’s this? A Penguin Bar, and on the inside of the wrapper, somebody has written a riddle…  What could it mean?”

Returning Characters

Fans of TDK will be happy to know the third film promises to see much more of the character of “Douchey guy on boat who wants to blow up the other boat.” “I loved that character” says Nolan “I want to see how he reacts to different circumstances, maybe involving two buses, one of which is going to explode, or two cars, one of which is going to explode.”


This outing may well let viewers into the famous Arkham Asylum, although with Nolan’s dedication to realism we may well see Arkham as a rather well managed care home for the criminally insane. Plots may revolve around securing more government funding or the tribulations that come with the renovation of a ward. Expect tonnes of paper work, lots of calls to private financers and shed loads of stressed looking nurses working long shifts.

The rebuilding of Wayne Manor will also be key to the story, in a typical Nolan move the story of Wayne Manors renoation could be told backwards, or David Bowie could come along and make loads of Wayne Manors, or something..

If any of these rumours turn out to be true, there is one thing you can guarantee, Christopher Nolan has a lot to live up to. Let’s leave the final words to him: “I think the perfect model for a series of films is Star Wars. We start light, get darker, so in the third film I want to have fuzzy little critters running around and a scene where some characters get stuck in a net.”


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