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Top Tips for this year’s Fringe

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/10/2010

How exciting, the Edinburgh Fringe brochure arrives today filled with all the goodies the festival has to offer. Here’s a brief guide to some of the things that you may wish to book, to ensure you beat the queues and make the most of your fringe experience:


 Energetic dance troupe with a one syllable nonsense name. This stunning show features death defying stunts, amazing acrobatics, a truly unique experience, until next fringe.  (6-30th August 12am.-1 am. The Swollen Belly)

Paradise Crossed

A retelling of Milton’s Paradise Lost from the point of view of a young black youth, kicked out of the “Heaven” nightclub, who calls together his gang to get revenge on the club owner. Greg Oliver Gold. This gritty urban tale comes from Warwick University and boasts an all white cast. (4 pm. – 5 pm. C-Dandelion)

Punctiation! The Musical.

This comedy musical presents the world of commas, full stops and ellipses against the backdrop of the Foolscap war. An all star cast heads up this thing, you get the idea…

Michael Burns, My Eeeeexcellent Career,

An extremely entertaining evening of anecdotes and jokes, from the man who played Colin in The Brittas Empire. (9 pm.- 10. Pm. Assembly)

Wankers – Away!: Nob Polisher,

The anarchic sketch group return for their thirtieth year with their unique brand of crude sketches and naughty songs. This show also features some of their classic sketches from the last thirty years including: Colonel Spaff , Horny Photobooth and Rude Auctioneer. (7.30 pm. – 8.30 pm. Pleasance Crotch)

Nil By Mouth Dining Experience,

A truly unique eating experience offers diners the opportunity to eat dinner while a recreation of Nil By Mouth is played out around them. Dodge broken plates and feel truly shell shocked by this grim and horrific show. (N.B Bring waterproofs) (2.00 pm.- 3.00 pm./ 5.00pm. – 6.00 pm. 7 Princes Street)


A play about some students of Columbine University who had a pleasant and untroubled time while studying there, brought to you by the SunnySideUp Theatre Company. (1.00pm. – 2.00 pm. Zoo Westside)

Blind Disco,

That’s right, the triumphant return of everyone’s favourite Trip ‘n’ Slip dance event, despite last year’s tragedy. Don your blindfold, crank up the sounds and have fun at the top of Arthur’s Seat.

Puppetry of the Penis,


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