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What Really Happened at the MTV Movie Awards

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 06/07/2010

The MTV Movie Awards saw a flurry of four letter words, including the F word, fuck. But the excess of the night was not just limited to the stage. Let’s have a look at some of the highs, and lows, of the MTV Movie Awards 2010.

Playing the part

Tom Cruise showed what an amazing sense of humour he has by acting as a character in the show’s opening number. The millionaire actor earned cheers from the crowd as he bravely portrayed a person who was not himself. Furthermore, the character, Les Grossman from comedy “Tropic Thunder”, has some negative qualities, qualities Tom Cruise does not share with the character he was portraying. Millions tuned in as the Mission Impossible actor, acted a character that wasn’t him, and in doing so, showed he could laugh at himself, by acting.

Beyonce’s Rider

Beyonce Knowles caused a stir with her modest rider. She only requested “one of those big Toblerones” a box set of “Porridge” and a portable DVD player to play it on. “I love Fletcher” She told Alison Clay of the E News Network, “he always gets one over on McKay.”

Kirstin Stewart Wins

The best actress award, which most pundits had earmarked for Sandra Bullock, went to “New Moon” star Kirstin Stewart. In her acceptance speech the lachrymose Twilight star said: “Is this all life is, a monotonous cycle of gaudy trinkets, braying fools and empty cheers?” Stewart was later seen scowling at a young man at an after show party and describing him as “One of the brainless sheep following the others over the cliff towards oblivion.”

More Categories

MTV broadened its awards categories even further. Adding to the “WTF! Award” for most shocking screen moment, and the “LOL Award” for funniest moment, viewers could also vote in the “Oh No She di’in’t” category for cattiest exchange between actresses. The gong was eventually picked up by Katherine Heigel , for a scene in a film where she probably played a journalist or something.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg

“The Other Guys” stars were suspended from the ceiling for a comedy sketch before they presented the “Best Villain Award.”At the start the crowd appeared to really enjoy Will’s portrayal of a scared and shouty version of himself, only for this enjoyment to dissipate as the sketch trundled on, culminating in a general feeling it had gone on too long and that most people were just humouring him.

Acceptance Speeches

In a Brando-esque move, RPtaz eschewed his award for Best Kiss and in his stead sent a small Native American child. The child managed quite well until asked by a confused Ashton Kutcher, what it was like to snog Kirsten Stewart? The child mumbled something about the rainforest then ran off.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen did not attend the MTV Movie Awards, in keeping with tradition he went to a McDonalds Play Park, sat in the ball pool and whistled aggressively at the children.  Allen has only attended the MTV Movie Awards once, in 2001, as a mark of respect after one of the Power Rangers died.


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