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The Vodafone Family

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 05/30/2010

I think this advert is brilliant, I really hope that the guy and his daughter develop as characters, I have put together some possible evolutions of their characters:


The DAD is surrounded by employees who are all applauding and celebrating him. He is about to be presented with a huge cheque.

[Phone Rings]

DAUGHTER is sitting in her car crying

DAUGHTER: Dad, I slipped over in the Supermarket and a man laughed at me.

DAD: What?

DAUGHTER: He laughed at me dad. I looked like a proper idiot, I just wanted to look normal in a Supermarket, is that so wrong?

DAD: Is this… Why are you calling me?

DAUGHTER: I just wanted to look normal Dad, look cool, even, and I slipped over.

DAD: Do you want me to come and meet you? Only it’ll cost a fortune from here and…

DAUGHTER: I don’t know what to do Dad?

DAD: For the love of…

The DAD appears next to the DAUGHTER in her car, he looks peeved.


The DAD kneels before the queen, she is about to knight him.

[Phone Rings}

DAD: (To himself) Seriously?

DAUGHTER sits in her car.

DAUGHTER: Dad, I can’t find my favourite earrings.

DAD: Can’t your mother…

DAUGHTER: I just wanted to wear my favourite earrings, is that so wrong?

DAD: Look Amanda, your twenty-seven, I think its about time…

DAUGHTER: I thought I put them in the bedside drawer. But they aren’t in there now.

DAD arrives in the DAUGHTER’S car next to her, he looks exhausted and dumbfounded.

DAUGHTER: Oh, they were in my wallet.


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