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Top 10 Greatest TV Endings

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 05/28/2010

With “Lost” and “Ashes to Ashes” coming to an end I thought it would be a good opportunity to remember some of the greatest TV endings of all time. Warning, here be spoilers…

10) Blake’s 7: Possibly the most shocking entry on the list, the saga of Blake and his crew comes to an end as Blake invites all of his friends on to the bridge of his ship and finally admits that he is “totally gay” for Kerr Avon. The crew accept what Blake has said and vow to continue travelling with him, but from the look of mistrust in Vila Restal’s eyes, it is clear nothing will be the same.

9) Crossroads (2001): Kate Russell follows the professor’s map to behind the waterfall, there she is confronted by her own father sitting in a battered leather chair. She shoots him twice in the chest and slumps to the ground.

8 ) The Prisoner: Patrick McGoohan finally reaches the nerve centre of the mysterious village and meets the illusive Number 1, only to discover Number 1 is in fact two children, one standing on the others shoulders, wearing a long raincoat. McGoohan playfully ruffles their hair and they all run into the sunshine to play tig.

7) Keeping Up Appearances: After the discovery that Hyacinth is a product of his own fractured personality, Richard Bucket is dragged into the ECT ward. On his journey there we see that Onslow is in fact a hospital cleaner, Daisy is a nurse, and the dog that always barks in the car was his psychologist.

6) MASH: More than 50 million people tuned in tot he last episode of MASH which saw Hawkeye finally admit his feeling towards the Korean War. He didn’t like it.

5) Friends: After ten years of “will they won’t they” between Ross and Rachel, the writer pull the rug out from all of us with an episode in which Ross and Rachel wi-on’t. The results have to be seen to be believed.

4) Ashes to Ashes: What more is there to say about this breathtaking finale than Gene Hunt’s final line: “So that was it, our final case. We burned down the brothel, and we sent its remains to the Test Cricket series played between England and Australia. I geuss this case really was… ashes to ashes (winks at camera)”.

3) Bonekickers: The Bonekickers all congratulate themselves on a job well done. In bursts their boss, the sharp suited Michael Lazlow. Who couldn’t be thrilled when he says they need to open a new Bonekickers office, in San Francisco. The team leap to their feet in excitement. (The Bonekickers spin-off Bonekickers-SF never materialised)

2) Eastenders: Eastenders still continues to his day, but the show’s only writer has revealed what he wants the last word of the whole series to be: “cafe”.

1) Lost: No contest, if only for the final shot, the camera zooms out to reveal the island is resting in the hands of Buddha, who looks down the lense smiles and for a split second has the face of Michelle Rodriguez. Brilliantly executed and explains the last six years perfectly.

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