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An Open Email To JJ Abrams

Posted in Uncategorized by tneenan on 05/27/2010

Dear Jay Jey,

I have just finished watching your trailer for Super 8 and thought I should share with you my thoughts.

I would first like to complement you on your unique vision, which has seen you create some of the greatest film and television over the last decade. I have not seen Alias, but y’know think I might get ’round to it at some point if I literally have nothing else to do. Anyway, the trailer to Super8 is yet another superb flex of your fanboy fangirl, nerd baiting muscle. Fundemantally excitement surrounding this film and its trailer boils down to a very basic human emotion which you so deftly manipulate, the fundemental desire to see what the monster looks like.

What does it look like Jae Jai? No, don’t tell me I enjoy the suspense of knowing there is a powerful monster, but not knowing what it looks like. You may well make the film and then in subsequent interviews say it was a film about the charactersand their story, but I feel you and I will share the secret, that the entire film is based around the monster, and, if I may be so bold, what it looks like.

I emphasise enough how brilliant your filmmaking ability is, as demonstarted by your genius cutting to black just before you see what the monster looks like, thus denying the viewer the ability to tell what the monster looks like. I also enjoy this work as a development of your other teaser trailers such as the monster-appearance-conundrum that was your Cloverfield trailer, building on Roland Emmerich’s creature-description-eluding Godzilla trailer. You are truly standing on the shoulders of giants, and those giants have been sketched out with the minimum of detail.

So congratulations Jei Jea, I cannot wait to see Super8, or more specifically, in fact almost exclusively, what the monster looks like.

Yours Wonderingly.

Tom Neenan


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